Thursday, December 23, 2010

House pretties

Second post today!!!
I wanted to show you some of my favorite decorated spots around the house.
Snowflakes in the kitchen Out the kitchen window, by the sink, just makes me happy!
Nativity on the piano
fish ornaments and sparkly beads
the top of our very tall tree
hanging advent
top of the entertainment center
Are you ready for the big day? I'm not. but I'm blogging anyway!!


Kathy said...

Those snowflakes are AMAZING! How did you (or Gretta?) make them? I love your advent calendar. Did you make it?

Also, I should have made Mom buy ME that navitity! I forget that you have it but then I covet that thing every time I see it in photos. I WANT IT! :)...I miss Hobby Lobby...and Roberts.

happytape! said...

Yes, that's the nativity i look for every year at hobby lobby, too! totally covet it! no fair.

i love all your decorations and your kids cute circus! it looks like you're totally settled in your house and life! we need a tutorial for those snowflakes here! i love them too!

hope your day was amazing!!
love you!