Thursday, January 06, 2011

Christmas Highlights

Here are some highlights of our Christmas. I'm going to put a bunch more on facebook when I get a chance...which might be April because I feel like I'm 3 days behind in EVERYTHING! Laundry, clean and whatever else. Anyway, here are five of my favorites. Santa Train! I love doing this with Nick and Emily and Nancy. AWESOME! Way better than waiting in line at the stinking mall. I don't think I'll find a Santa train in Albuquerque. :(
Christmas Morning. This photo was so cute of Scott and baby fish mouth. We had a great haul.

The Sunday after Christmas we decided to do a quick, last-minute trip to New York City, baby! This is mostly (all) my doing. I've always wanted to see NYC during December with all the Christmas crazy and man, it didn't disappoint. Here we are in our hotel room. Yeah, it's just our hotel room but I loved this picture...oh, and I got new glasses.
Look at the size of those balls!(...I am so not classy...) There were these HUGE ornament balls in a water fall along with a huge string of Christmas lights (not seen here but I'll put them on facebook.) So cool. Can you see the MILLION people there? Man, this place was PACKED!
The Empire State Building a la Christmas time. Awesome! We all went up it and it was a bit chilly, meaning face-stingingly cold and hair-do-destroyingly windy. But awesome, still the same.
This trip was tricky with the huge snow storm that passed through there just two days before and with our two strollers but I'm so glad that we did it. Very fun.
Let's see all ya'll's photos of your happy holidays.
("Happy what terrists say. Merry Christmas! LINK 2:36)

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Stepi said...

So fun!! Love it! your glasses are great too.