Monday, June 06, 2011

Happy Birthday, Davis

To a great member of this amazing family tree. We are so proud of you, Davis.  Thank you for being such a kind, thoughtful soul.
We love you.  Can't believe that you are 16 years old.  Hope this year will be full of a driver's license and all kinds of new responsibilities.  I love this age.  There are so many new things to do.

 Thought you could use a little help stepping into the dating world.  The Mormon kids in Denmark have no idea how to date..they call it American Dating.  Even though they would like to try dating, they end up going everywhere in big groups.  It may take a few years, maybe a life time to learn all you need to know about girls.. but here are a few suggestions- 100 suggestions- that might help you find joy in this effort.. 
Happy Birthday to you,  Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday, dear Davis...
Happy Birthday to you !  (you have to sing this outloud as you read it)

I know you are probably sound asleep tonight...we still have an hour here before midnight..but you have been on our mind today..hope your day was full of happiness and surprises.  Can't wait to see you, a grown up 16 year the end of July.  Much love from Sacramento. 

Love, Grandma and Grandpa W

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